"Affordable, Reliable, Timely Delivery and Fun to work with"

  • Client Feedback

    We don't claim to be the best in the graphics design industry, but we are proud to say that so far, we have already satisfied a lot of clients.


    We have met client expectations and in some instances we exceed them. It's achieved with dedication, hard-work and passion for our job.


    We have been full-time freelancers for about 5 years now and have worked with different clients for different graphic needs.


    You can see on the reviews 3 site sources, at the bottom those reviews are from Elance.com which is now Upwork, the 2 reviews at the bottom are from some of our clients who gave us reviews on our facebook page and the reviews on the top are from our Upwork account.

  • Your Affordable Graphic Service in the Philippines

    Looking for freelance graphic artist in the Philippines? We are one message away.

    Reasonable Cost of Service

    For a long time, we have been offering service to clients on a reasonable cost, it's not too high but not that cheap as well. I highly recommend you get in touch with us so we can discuss about rates or budget for the graphic project you need.

    Starting 2018, we aim to be the best Fiverr Alternative from the Philippines

    For several times on the previous year, we had clients coming to us asking to improve graphics they ordered from fiverr. These graphics are usually logos, banners and some customized graphics. Thus, we decided to make it our goal to compete with sites like fiverr. Though its like a punch to the moon with this free website, there's no problem with having big dreams right? As they say, when you dream, DREAM BIG.

    So what makes us different from other sites like fiverr

    Personalize experience, timely turnaround time, constant communication and availability. You do not have to wait for several days before hearing from us when you need a graphics done. We are full-time freelancers so we are online most of the time and can adjust our schedules to accommodate your needs. We say personalized experience because you will have that feeling where you are working with a robot who provides you with predefined messages and replies. Every client will have a different experience depending on the graphics they need. But, there is always one thing in common, the aim to deliver high quality service.

  • Some Websites We've Worked For

    Below are some of the websites we've worked for.


    A website that sells perfumes. We created most of the banners on this website.

    Compare and Choose

    A website for comparing prices of various things like hotels, airlines, shopping and more. We did all the cartoonize graphics on this page. Example the cartoon graphics on this page: https://www.compareandchoose.com.au/shopping


    The main though is, as long as it has something to do with graphics, we will do it.

    Animated GIF Banners

    For the past few months, we had a couple of projects where we created animated gif banners for a client. This type of graphic is best if you wanted to easily get the attention of website visitors to one section of your page. Since several images are loaded in one area, you get to express your message more without necessary occupying a large amount of space on your site. And I think we would all agree that many of us loves to see some animation in a website. Simple animated gifs would certainly do.

    Facebook ad Design

    Most of the projects we got involves creating banners. This is why we consider banner creation as our best asset. Among the in demand banners we created is for Facebook Ad. This goes to show that Facebook is still an excellent avenue for advertising. I heard that it is best for local ads. If you already have started your campaign on this social media site and wanted to try some new designs, don't hesitate to give us a try. If ever, you are among those who haven't advertised on Facebook yet, I think now would be the right time to give it a try. Partnering with us to start is of course an excellent first step.

    Social Media Design

    Who doesn't have a social media account today? I think everyone is a member of at least one social media platform. The most popular would certainly be facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. If you think that keeping your followers updated with something is getting a lot of your time, why not outsource the designing part to us. I could see personally that a lot of people in the social media sphere loves graphics and videos.


    Don't lose followers simply because you have not provided them anymore with relevant information. Of course, this information would be best viewed with an image. Even simple image will do as long as its unique. There maybe lots of images on the internet that you could download and use but still, nothing beats a unique image that your followers has never been online.

    Poster/Flyer Graphic Design

    If you wanted to promote something, then you definitely need a poster graphic design. It could be used when promoting and event, a content, launch of a new product and a lot more. We will use Adobe Illustrator for creating your poster so you don't have to worry anymore about printing quality.  We will make sure that people will notice your poster and hopefully leads to fulfilling its purpose. We could also create posters that you could use personally, either in your office or at home. It would certainly be perfect to be going inside your room or some part of your house with a nice poster with an inspiration or motivational message. 

    Cartoon Graphic Design

    One of our favorite graphic gig is creating cartoon graphics. We could make a cartoon out of our own image, relatives, friends or pets. This is great for gifts. You could print the output and have it framed. It will certainly be a nice birthday or just a surprise gift. How did I know about this? Had several clients who ordered a cartoon service from us and the purpose for most of them is as a gift. I do agree that this could be an excellent gift as its unique. I also could see a lot of company websites that has cartoon images on their team member page. We could handle doing such work as well. However, please let us know of your deadline so we could access if we are up for the task. We have created cartoon images before and somehow it took some time to finish. 

    Banner ads Design

    As mentioned earlier, most of the designs we created are banner ads. We love banners and my brother who does most of the designing could easily create nice banners for various purposes. We could handle packaged banner ads were we create one unique theme and have the banners created in different sizes. Even though we prefer having images on these ads, there are some clients who wanted a minimalist approve on their banners. We are very much open to collaborating with our clients to ensure they get what they want. Our experience involves creating banners for facebook ad, google ad, websites and affiliate banners.

    Flyer Graphic Design

    We had less experience when it comes to creating flyer graphics, but still we are always ready for the challenge. If you came here and need a flyer for your business or any event, we could do it for you. All we need for flyers is the images you wanted to use, its size, the content of the flyer and color theme of your choice. I think designing is most likely similar regardless of what kind of graphics you are creating. The only different is its purpose. We would certainly do our best to deliver a flyer that would best represent your business or product.

    Any of your Graphic Needs

    As I mentioned earlier, as long as it has something to do with graphics, we are very much willing to work on it. We do not say that we would take every project that comes our way. We will of course check if we could do it. We already have declined some graphic works since we know that it's for us. We do not sacrifice  our potential working relationship with clients with the possibility of earning.

  • Why Hire Us?

    We got you covered with these features.



    Quality + Affordability

    We are fully aware that you are looking for a design that you could be proud to use for whatever reason. However, we believe that it does not have to cost you a lot. Our rate is certainly among the most reasonable.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Don't lose your money.

    Designing starts upon receiving your payment. We do not work anymore with a project that is not paid first due to pay unwanted experiences. Rest assured that if you are not satisfied with our work, you get your money back.

    Fast Turn-Around Time

    Timely Delivery

    We are fully aware that you also have deadlines. This is why before accepting any job, we make sure to give you an estimate of the time we require to finish the job. We work under pressure so if a design ASAP, hit us up.

  • The Two-Man Team

    Yes, you heard it right, there are just 2 of us on our team. Me and my brother

    Jello L.

    Founder/Project Manager

    I am a full-time freelancer doing VA tasks for some clients. When not working as a VA, I spend most of my time finding clients for our graphic design business. 

    Jonard L.

    The Super Graphic Designer

    My brother is also a full-time freelancer doing graphics design work. Been in the graphic design career for almost 4 years now. It is just recently that we teamed-up to for this business.


    We would love to hear it from you. Message us if you have question, clarifications, inquiries, or if you simply just want to talk with us. It would certainly be our pleasure to read your message and respond the soonest we can.

  • Objectives

    Our main objective is to offer clients with affordable yet high quality graphic service and to become the best<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Fiverr Alternative from the Philippines. Nice looking graphics for your website or marketing campaigns doesn't have to be very expensive, but do not expect to get them pretty cheap also. We know that other sites like fiverr try to beat the industry by going cheap if not cheaper. We proudly say, we don't do the same. We could confidently say that we offer our service in a very reasonable price.


    It is our our aim to help clients in times of immediate need for graphics. We are online most of the time so we could dead with fast deadlines. Just give us a message anytime and we will be honest in responding as to how well we could perform with your given deadline.